The Scouting Uniform

The Scouts uniform unites all members of Scouting in Australia.

Sharing similarities with other Scout uniforms throughout the world (in particular the scarf/neckerchief and the World Scout Emblem badge), the Scout Uniform clearly identifies members of a National Scout Organisation, of the World Scout Movement, and all of the wonderful things associated with that. All Scouts in Australia wear a uniform to Scouting events (which will vary between Scout Groups and Units), with a unique scarf identifying their Group.

The Scout uniform consists of a navy blue collared shirt and grey, beige (light coloured) or navy blue shorts, trousers or skirts, depending on their Group. Each Scout Section has its own colour that goes across the sleeve, yoke and collar.


Joey Scout Uniform

Cub Scout Uniform

Scout Uniform    

Venturer Scout Uniform   

Rover Scout Uniform


The uniform is designed to be light and comfortable to wear, looking formal but not unfriendly, and wearable in many situations. The uniform also offers us the opportunity to display badges celebrating our achievements or recognising our identity. Not all of our achievements may result in a badge. However, in Scouting, we choose to recognise many achievements with badges and woggles that can be worn as part of the uniform.

All youth members are required to wear their respective uniforms to uniformed events – which will vary between Scout Groups and Units. Youth Helpers who are not a member of a Scouting or Guiding section wear the adult navy-blue uniform shirt with the World Scout Emblem badge, Australian flag badge and Youth Helper badge.


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