Diversity and Inclusion

At Scouts NSW, we are committed to ensuring that Scouting is truly open and accessible to all children and young people.

With over 16,000 Youth and Adult Members from various cultural and faith backgrounds and with varying abilities, we are one of the largest and most successful youth organisations in the state, and we celebrate our diversity. Our members come from all walks of life – all ethnicities, abilities, genders, faiths and backgrounds. We’re diverse and inclusive and proud of it.

All Ages

Scouting is all about providing equal opportunities for young people to grow and develop their full potential. From the time they start school, children as young as five can join Joey Scouts. Older children and young adults can join us along the way, even if they haven’t been involved in Scouting before. Adults aged 18 and above are welcome to lend a hand as uniformed Leaders or volunteers.

All Genders

Every young person, of any gender, is welcome to join Scouts.

All Abilities

Scouts welcome members of all abilities. While we do have several Groups that focus on activities for Scouts with special physical challenges, every Group does their best to make you feel welcome and included. We want to broaden our understanding of your everyday challenges, so we can help remove barriers and give you an environment where you can truly have fun and learn at your own pace.

All Cultural Backgrounds

Scouts come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Many Scouts were born overseas or raised by parents who’ve retained traditions from other countries. This diversity is what makes us special. It gives us the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages and beliefs. Younger Scouts might start a conversation through tasting foods from different nations, while older Scouts are encouraged to appreciate social differences at a deeper level, preparing them for travel or career.

All Spiritualities

Scouts NSW welcomes members from all faiths and spiritualities. In fact, our Australian Scout Promise & Law reflects our commitment to respecting differences in beliefs.




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