Become a Volunteer

Scouting isn't just for youth members, it's something the whole family can experience together!

There are a number of ways in which parents and older siblings of youth members can get involved:

  • Be a parent helper, volunteering for duties such as Scout Hall set up or clean up, helping with DIY jobs or gardening
  • Raise funds for the Scout Group, through fundraising events and activities or grant seeking
  • Become an active member of the Group Committee, which assists the Group Leader and Group Council and promotes the aims and principles of Scouting in conjunction with the Group
  • Assisting with activities in a Scout Group such as Group excursions, food preparation and offering their unique talents and skills for a Group theme night
  • Researching, preserving or interpreting historical records and artifacts at our Memorabilia Centre
  • Serve as an office bearer on the Group Committee (Chair, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee) and assist with administration
  • Serve on a sub-committee to undertake duties defined by the Group Leader or Group Committee
  • Putting your skills to good use – accounting, administration, fundraising, research, carpentry, communications etc!
  • Become a trained Leader.


Explore the different volunteer routes below:


Benefits of Volunteering with Scouts

Volunteering for roles such as these helps to "free up" the uniformed Leaders so they can focus on planning and running activities, and providing youth members with the best possible Scouting experience. It also gives the volunteers the opportunity to:

  • Encourage, mentor and empower young people to be their best
  • Contribute to their local community
  • Rediscover adventure
  • Involve the whole family in a new adventure together
  • Have fun
  • Challenge themselves
  • Get active
  • Learn new skills
  • Be appreciated
  • Meet people with similar values
  • Gain recognised Leadership and Management qualifications
  • Travel within Australia and overseas.


You can find volunteer opportunities by contacting your local Scout Group.

Enquire about volunteering here 

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