Heritage and Memorabilia

About Scouts Heritage NSW

Scouts Heritage NSW looks after the NSW State Collection of Scouting objects. This nationally significant collection reflects the history of Scouting in NSW, and contains a diverse range of more than 20,000 objects. We use these objects to present the stories of Scouting to past and present members of Scouts, and the general public.

Scouts Heritage NSW also helps Groups and Regions with their own heritage by giving advice on the display and storage of historical and archival material. We want Groups and Regions to be able to keep and display their own heritage items! If a Group or Region can no longer care for their items, we may be able to accept them into the collection.

Scouts Heritage NSW also provides Scouts Heritage displays for camps, open days and events, or for your weekly Scouts meeting.

If you have any enquiries about having the Heritage team attend your event or meeting, please contact us here.

If you have any questions regarding care of your Group or Region Scouting collection, please contact our curator at anna.ridley@nsw.scouts.com.au. If you are interested in donating memorabilia please complete this form here and the curator will be in touch with you.


Friends of Heritage

Scouts Heritage NSW has a team of people who assist with the management of the collection. We are always happy to welcome more members to our Friends team. Tasks include:

  • Work at the Collection store to catalogue items, do research and answer history enquiries from Scout Groups, researchers and Branch
  • Promote Scout Heritage and its value to Scouting
  • Fundraise to assist the collection.

If you are interested in joining the Friends of Heritage, or wish to make a financial donation to support the collection, please contact us here.



Donations of objects

Scouts Heritage NSW collects objects that tell stories about Scouting in NSW, its history, people, and events. Objects do not have to be beautiful, old or valuable to merit a place in the collection.

Our Collection focus is on objects that represent key historical developments in Scouting with priority given to objects with provenance to members of Scouts Australia NSW.

This can include significant evolutionary developments in Scouting in NSW, including changes to equipment and paraphernalia, events held in NSW, and objects relating to significant members of Scouts NSW.

Objects may also be collected that relate to National and International Scouting events if they were attended by members of Scouts Australia NSW.

To help us consider your offer of donation please tell us about your object by filling in this form and then our curator will be in contact with you.

Please do not send objects, or original photographs or documents. Please do not leave objects, or original photographs or documents at any Scout Office to be sent onto us unless by prior arrangement.

The Scouts Heritage NSW Collection Policy guides decisions on offers of donation. Sadly not all offers of donation can be accepted. The Heritage team will assess your offer by considering its relevance to the collecting themes, its significance, condition and whether we have the resources to care for the item.

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