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Scout Events

Scouts love events, whether it is a fun day, weekend camps, adventure days, rallies, shows and more. In fact, there is an event for everyone, and they are a great chance to experience camping, enjoy an adventurous activity, learn new skills, make new friends and get the most out of being a Scout.

  • State Events: NSW holds a State Rally each year over a weekend. This brings together Scouts and Venturer Scouts from across the state.

  • Regional or Section Events: There are 10 Scout Regions across NSW. They often hold day or overnight events, and these are sometimes open to Scout Groups from other regions. Some events will be for specific sections e.g. Joey Scout Fun Days or Dragon Skin (Venturer Scouts).

  • Group or District Camps: Ask your Leader about events and trips your Group will be offering. They may vary from year to year.

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Gang Shows

Scouts has an amazing tradition in the performing arts and it’s called Gang Show. This is the opportunity for Scouts (and Guides) to script, design, produce and perform a revue-style show in a fully equipped theatre and in front of an appreciative audience of Scouts, families and friends.

A labour of love, Gang Shows have sparked many young people’s interest in the arts and is an amazing collective project each year. There are a number of well-established annual regional shows including Hornsby Gang Show and Cumberland Gang Show. Auditions start early in the year, with performances generally running during the winter school holidays.



International Opportunities

Travel the world with Scouts! As part of a worldwide Movement in more than 180 countries, Scouts from NSW get opportunities to take part in a wide range of events, service programs and cultural exchanges overseas. This gives members the chance for lifelong learning, a broader perspective of Scouting, and a friendship network, as well as the chance to give back through service and global adventures.

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