State Rally is the biggest, annual state-wide Scout event in the NSW Scout calendar. This event is open to ALL Scouts in NSW.

The theme for 2024 will be "Ready... Set... Adventure!", as chosen by the State Rally Organising Patrol, which consists of Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Rover Scouts from right across NSW.

State Rally 2024 will be held at Cataract Activity Centre, Baden Powell Drive Appin.

Join us for State Rally 2024 from 2nd August 2024 – 4th August 2024.

***Registrations NOW OPEN!***

Event fee:

Youth Participant Late - $65
JSL Late Catered (Venturers) - $75
Leader Late Catered - $75
Day Visitor - $10


Open: Thu 13th Jun 2024 (1am)
Early Bird Close: Mon 1st Jul 2024 (12am)
Close: Sun 7th Jul 2024 (11.59pm)

Online Event Registration Form  

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State Rally is an annual event held in August. State Rally is focused on giving the attendees a memorable experience that is fun, challenging and adventurous that embraces the Scout Method.

State Rally is a lightweight competition camp. The event provides activities that are:

  1. Challenging
  2. Patrol System based
  3. FUN!
  4. Adventurous
  5. Can assist in the achievement of Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)

Participants will achieve points by completing fun filled activities for their Patrol. Activities are usually 20-30 minutes in duration, and may have multiple stages.

The three Regional Activity Centres (RACs) administer activities spread across Cataract Activity Centre. Each activity is provided by Leaders with support from Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and other adult helpers.

All Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, Leaders and Adult Helpers are accommodated across the three sleeping RACs that are supported by Leader supervision and members of the health and wellbeing team.

State Rally provides an opportunity for participants and Leaders to explore new ideas, meet new people and most of all have a fun and create memorable experiences.


  • Must be a registered member of Scouts NSW or a member of Guides NSW, ACT & NT at the time of application and through until 4 August 2024
  • The age requirements for attendees to participate is 10 ½ years old, through to 16 years old. (This does mean that a Patrol could have a Cub Scout, Scout and Venturer Scout)
  • Have approval from their Scout or Guide Unit Council
  • Have consent from their parents/guardian

Venturer Scout

  • Must be registered as a Venturer Scout in Scouts NSW or a member of Guides NSW & ACT at the time of application and through until 4 August 2024
  • Be willing to be part of the support team for State Rally
  • Have consent from their parents/guardian

Leader / Rover Scout / Other Adult

  • Must be registered as a Rover Scout, Leader or Adult Helper in Scouts NSW or Guides NSW & ACT at the time of application and through till 4 August 2024 holding a valid Working With Children Check.

Scouts from other Branches are most welcome to register and join the event. It should be noted, closing for these participants is two (2) weeks before the event to permit time for membership qualifications checks to occur across Branch systems. Participants who require additional support are welcome at State Rally. Speak with your Region Commissioner (Scouts) if you need special assistance.


We have hoodies, polo shirts, beanies and caps available. 

Orders MUST be placed before 18 July and are strictly pre-order only. Visit and use code RALLY24 to access the store. 

State Rally starts on Friday 2 August 2024 at Cataract Activity Centre. The entrance to Cataract Activity Centre is located on Baden-Powell Drive, Appin.  There are NO public transport access options.

Check-in will open at 5:30pm and will close at 10:00pm on Friday 2 August 2024.

Your Patrol will need to organise their transport to the event. You will need to work as a Patrol and arrive at check-in as a Patrol. Talk to the parents of your Patrol members and organise to carpool. Remind your drivers that we will have a ‘drop-and-ride’ area where the driver will need to remain in the car, or they can drive to the car park, and you can hike from the dedicated car park into the check-in area. There is no need for your drivers to come to check-in with you.

Points are earned in many ways at State Rally. Some are easy, such as completing your application correctly and on time or picking up litter as you make your way around the Activity Centre. However, most of your points come from completing activities.

Your Patrol’s performance at each activity will be carefully assessed, with points awarded equally for each of the four performance areas of:

  • planning
  • teamwork
  • attitude
  • completion

There are 4 award categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. May the best team win!

We also have awards for our activities too.

When you arrive at State Rally, the Patrol Leader will need to confirm the Patrol registrations at the check-in tables, and advise the registration Leaders of any last-minute changes.

When your Patrol registers at the check-in area, the Patrol Leader will be given wristbands for each member of the patrol, please ensure that each member is wearing their wristband. The Patrol Leader will also be provided a lanyard with a timetable printed on the back.

After you have been issued with your PL Information, you will be directed to your RAC where you will be allocated a camping area and asked to pitch your tent. As State Rally is a lightweight camp you may be randomly selected for a weigh-in with your pack to check you are not carrying too much gear.

It is recommended that all participants eat prior to arriving.

Everyone in Scouts, youth and adults alike, have the right to feel safe and be protected from abuse. No one is allowed to threaten you, hurt you or touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or afraid.

A Scout is Respectful and this applies to all interactions between all participants, youth and adults at State Rally.

You do not have to deal with abuse on your own. If you feel unsafe or threatened or you see or hear anything that causes you concern please speak to the Leaders on the activities or at HQ. Your concerns will be taken seriously. The information will not be shared with the person who is making you feel unsafe. Information will only be shared with people who can support and protect you.

If, for any reason, you do not feel that concerns of this nature raised at State Rally have been satisfactorily dealt with, please, on your return home, report your concerns directly to the Chief Commissioner, the Deputy Chief Commissioner (Youth Safety, Compliance and Support), the CEO or the Child Protection Officer at the State Scout Service Centre on: 02 9735 9000 or via

On Friday and Saturday nights, Scouts will sleep in designated camping areas that are under direct supervision of experienced Leaders. There is no mixed gender sleeping – each tent must have either all boys or all girls sleeping in it. Cooking will be in a separate area and will also be supervised. Leaders and adults will camp in an area separate from the youth camping area.

Facilities provided include:

  • Hot and cold water
  • Toilets and hand washing facilities
  • First aid facilities
  • Fire pits for Scouts to sit around (no cooking)
  • Supervision (leaders watching out for behaviour not in keeping with the Scout Law and Promise)
  • Leaders assigned to health and welfare matters such as hygiene, illness, injury, and homesickness.

State Rally is a lightweight camp designed to give you the opportunity to practice what to pack and how to camp for overnight hikes.

The best way to work out what you do and don’t need is to go on a practice hike with your pack. When you get home again, get out everything you took and consider whether you really needed it. Think about how you can use gear for more than one use. Do you need a big heavy jacket when you have a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a light jumper that you can wear together? Consider the weather you may encounter and how much walking you will do. Don’t let mum and dad pack for you (they will pack too much!).

Waterproof your boots, and carry a good rain-jacket and pants or poncho. They don’t need to be super expensive but just be without any tears or holes (spray jackets are not sufficient).

Line your pack with a strong plastic garbage bag and put your sleeping bag in a separate bag. If you put anything like a tent on the outside of your pack, put that in a plastic bag as well.

Below is a list of what each Patrol member and Patrol might need.

Individual Scouts Compulsory

Everyone must have these:

  • Scout Uniform (shirt and scarf) to be worn to and from State Rally
  • A sturdy backpack – see below
  • Good sleeping bag. One that has a good cold climate rating or with an inner sheet. You can make an inner by sewing a flannelette sheet into a bag shape.
  • Wet weather gear – a good rain-jacket & pants or poncho (make sure you have a hood)
  • Warm clothing including a beanie
  • 2 litres of water 2 x 1L bottles ideal, such as PET soft drink bottles – they can be refilled onsite.
  • 1 x 3 metre lightweight lashing ropes (for activities)
  • A day pack
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Mask
  • BACKPACK! You need a Backpack, one that fits you. You don’t want it too large as the temptation will be to keep stuffing more and more in. Remember YOU have to carry it. You should not carry more than about a 20% of your body weight.
About Packs
  • Fit the Pack Harness correctly to your body.
  • Line your pack with a plastic bag (like a garbage bag) so everything stays dry.
  • Put everything inside your pack so nothing falls off and you won’t lose anything, AND to keep all your gear dry.
  • Pack your pack yourself! You know what is in it and where it is.
  • Don’t carry more than a quarter of your body weight. Larger Patrol Members may need to take a larger portion of team gear like tents.

An easy way to get a backpack to fit correctly is to get it done when you buy it, otherwise there are some helpful videos on YouTube just search ‘how to fit a backpack’.

Your sleeping bag must be in its own plastic bag and placed inside your backpack. If you don’t have the greatest sleeping bag, get a sleeping bag liner, or make one from a flannelette sheet (sewn into a bag shape) – it will increase the warmth of your sleeping bag. Also think about taking thermal underwear to sleep in. It is vital to keep your sleeping bag dry all weekend.

Other items

This is up to you but you must be adequately prepared for wet and cold conditions to be self-sufficient as a Patrol.

Sleeping mat – essential for keeping your body heat from leaking into the ground, foam mats are very cheap from any camping store.

Clothes – Start at the bottom and work up, if it gets cold put layers of clothing on. Look at the list, you can make many layers, thermal undies, track pants, rain pants

  • Boots are preferred, but sturdy sneakers will do
  • Socks
  • Long pants (track pants)
  • Shorts
  • Undies
  • Thermal undies – an excellent investment especially if you don’t have the greatest sleeping bag
  • T-shirt – wear one and carry one
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Beanie – get one, great at night
  • Hat – Must be wearing one during the day
  • Reusable Bowl (plastic), knife, fork and spoon, mug, tea towel (small)
  • Cleaning Soap (small piece)
  • Towel (there are HOT showers for you to use)
  • Deodorant (roll on – no cans)
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent (no cans)

Other stuff (remember, think light)

  • Torch (very small)
  • Matches
  • Lollies – think things like jubes or jelly babies – minimal packaging.
  • First aid kit – space blanket, triangular bandage, bandaids, elastoplast strip (covers blisters)
  • Keep it simple and able to treat the problems YOU get.

Patrols Compulsory – Every Patrol must have these

(Hooches and flies are not an acceptable form of shelter at State Rally)

CHECK YOUR TENT, fix any holes, make sure the poles aren’t broken and you have the pegs, bring some plastic bags to put it and the fly in separately (when they get wet). Beware of ultra lightweight tents that have thin nylon floors, they allow water in and will wet you in your sleeping bag.

  • Food – Saturday’s Breakfast through to Sunday’s Lunch (Please eat dinner Friday before you arrive)
  • Compass
  • First aid Kit – tailor the kit to injuries and problems that you get, keep it simple.
  • Cooking Stove (light weight)

Patrols must be fully self-sufficient, and prepared for wet and cold conditions. Patrols may be inspected during the event. Members of the Patrol will need to carry equipment, food and water whilst out on activities. You will need a Day Pack for this as you are not permitted back to your RAC during the day.

Although Scouts will not have to carry their packs between the RACs, there are space restrictions. This is a lightweight camp and Scouts must camp in hike tents and cook on portable hike stoves. There is no space for full-sized stand up tents.


State Rally has an element of hiking and you might be asked to bush-bash through some activities.  During the day, you will make your way to various activities and you could end up walking quite a long way. You and your Patrol will need to prepare for this, practice hiking, carrying a day pack, wear the shoes on the practice hike that you are going to wear to State Rally.

Everyone has different stamina and strength; while some in your Patrol are exhausted others will be happily jogging up hills.

You should set your Patrols pace to the slowest member as you must stay together for safety.


The State Rally weekend could be three days of fine sunny weather, or it could be (and has been in the past) three days of heavy rain and strong winds. Most likely it will rain at least one day, perhaps more and it will be cold at night. You need to prepare for this by having adequate footwear, rain gear, and a decent tent. If not, you may end up with blisters and spend the weekend wet and cold, which can be very dangerous. There are no facilities to dry your gear out at State Rally.


You must spend the entire event together as a Patrol. You cannot split up for any reason. You need to get along with each other. Teamwork does not always come naturally. You need to listen to each other, and consider what each member of your Patrol has to say. When you decide on a course of action, such as how to do an activity or which meal to eat next, do it together and then support each other in implementing it. If the idea isn’t working, stop together and discuss the problem again.

The Bushwalking NSW website ( has excellent information on food and what you could take.

It is suggested your Patrol cooks and eats together.  Here are some suggestions below.

  • Breakfast cereal, whatever you like, place a serving in a snap lock bag. You can either have long life milk or powdered; you can use the bag as a bowl. Put powdered milk in a separate bag and work out before you go how much water you will need to add (using your own cup). OR some instant porridge, you can get it in sachets (use 2) and add some brown sugar. Fruit and nut bar.
  • A sandwich from home. Nothing soggy like tomatoes. Add a piece of fruit and a drink.
  • Vita wheat biscuits, take some vegemite and cheese to put on them. Have a fruit and nut bar as well and some celery sticks. OR try making sandwiches using English muffins, they will last a while.
  • Make something at home like a curry or stew and freeze it, then re-heat in camp
    • Beef in black bean sauce, prepared at home & served on rice.
      • Ingredients, Beef cut into strips. Black bean and garlic paste – from Coles made by lee kum kee or perhaps a simmer sauce. Sugar, half a red capsicum, small onion, tin of bamboo shoots, 1 packet instant rice. Back Country cuisine (freeze dried) from Paddy Pallin or camping stores (says serves five, just enough for 3) or 90 second rice, put it in the pot and cook it through.
    • Spag Bol.
      • Minced beef either freeze dried mince (Back Country cuisine, freeze dried) from Paddy Pallin (~$9;) or use fresh beef and freeze. Quick cooking noodles or spiral pasta, onion flakes (spice section), dried mushrooms (spice section can be hard to find), semi dried tomatoes (store in a sealed Tupperware container, you can get vacuum sealed packs), spaghetti Bolognese mix (maggi or continental or just bring some spices), tomato paste.
    • Tuna and Deb.
      • Ingredients – Flavoured tuna sachet (1 each), in sandwich tuna section 100g, Deb (dehydrated Mashed Potato) dried peas and carrots (usually in tinned veggie section with Deb), onion flakes.

State Rally is scheduled to finish at 1:30PM on Sunday. Parents should carpool to reduce the number of cars on the site.

Parents / Caregivers arriving to the site will be asked to park in the Cataract Activity Centre carpark and walk down to the arena to collect their Scouts. If you require assistance, please ask one of our team.

The best way to find out more information about State Rally is to keep checking in here or speak with your Leader.  If they are unable to assist you, please ask your Region Commissioner (Scouts) for further assistance.

If your enquiry can not be answered by your Leader or Region Commissioner (Scouts), please get in touch with the State Rally Organiser Jesse at

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