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There are many ways to continue your involvement in Scouting when your days in uniform have finished.

Contribute through a formal network

  • Scout Fellowship provides opportunities for members to enjoy mutual fellowship, maintain active membership within the Scout Movement and continue the ideals of service to Scouting and the community. Membership is open to people over the age of 26 who have not taken up a trained leadership role, who want to rejoin the Movement after a period of absence or who have not previously been members of the Scout Movement.
  • Gilwell Reunion – a network for Leaders who have undertaken Advanced Training (Wood Badge) at Gilwell Park.
  • Lord Baden-Powell Society – a national group of dedicated Scouting supporters that helps to raise funding for Scouting programs. In recent years the Society has made significant contributions to the State Branch and its members.

Keep in touch with your Scout friends

  • Scouts Reunited is a free online registration database for current and former Scout members – locate and meet friends from your Scout Group or past Jamborees.
  • Scouts Australia Facebook – connect with your Scout friends through Face Book, a social networking website that helps you to keep up with friends, share photos, links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Support your local Scout Group

Volunteer some time to a local Scout Group. You can offer all kinds of services, from Scout hall maintenance to providing advice on fundraising, accountancy and public relations.

Get back in uniform

Undertake leadership and development training to become a Scout Leader with a local Scout Group.

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