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Scouts Australia offers a huge range of age-appropriate self-development activities and outdoor challenges to help boys and girls have fun and develop new skills, confidence and leadership abilities. This also allows young people to make friends outside of the school environment.

Here is a sample of activities that are introduced to our members when it is appropriate to their age, skills and confidence level to ensure a successful outcome.

A full risk management approach is in place for all activities. Some activities, such as the flying fox, are only delivered by specialist teams and demonstrated skill levels are pre-requisite for many activities. For example, a Level 1 boating qualification is required for still water canoeing and kayaking.

Abseiling Descend a steep rock face on a fixed rope.
Bush craft Learn wilderness living skills such as building your own shelter, responsibly lighting and extinguishing camp fires, orienteering and navigation, preparing your own food, learning knots and rope work, care and safe use of cutting tools and gathering safe drinking water.
Camping Enjoy the outdoors by spending one or more nights at a campsite, sleeping in a tent or similar shelter.
Canoeing Paddle a canoe or kayak on a lake, in a river or on open water. Canoes are generally open boats, where the paddlers sit or kneel down and use single or double-bladed paddles. Contact the Water Activities Centre to arrange a visit.
Cooking Learn how to prepare camp-style food for you and your Group.
Family camps and outings The whole family can get involved in many Scout activities such as family camps, bike riding and canoeing.
First aid All members are encouraged to undertake first aid training.
Flying Experience the excitement of cockpit procedures, observe aircraft controls and listen to air traffic control instructions as you soar high in our fleet of Cessna 172s. You can even learn how to fly at our flying school. Contact the Air Activity Centre to organise a visit.
Gang Show Develop performance skills in a Gang Show, amateur theatre of a generally high standard. The cast is principally youth members with a minority of adult Leaders.
Obstacle course Undertake a series of challenging physical obstacles as an individual or a team. Courses can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing elements with the aim of testing endurance and mental abilities.
Rock climbing Learn how to climb steep rock formations using special safety gear. Try indoor climbing too.
Ropes course Do a ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements. A low ropes course takes place on the ground or a metre above the ground. A high ropes course is usually constructed in trees or poles and requires a belay for safety.
Sailing Learn how to sail a sailing boat or yacht by adjusting the rigging, rudder and centre board. Contact the Water Activity Centre to arrange a visit.
Skiing Try downhill or cross country snow skiing.
Social / peer network Scouting provides both formal and informal social networks, such as Scout Fellowship, Scouts Reunited and the Scouts Australia Face Book.

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