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Scouting is a dynamic and enjoyable self-development, educational program that can involve the whole family. It offers a variety of challenging adventures based on personal achievement, teamwork and leadership.

Self-development and Educational Outcomes
Children will learn life skills such as independent thinking, leadership and problem solving skills, social interaction and responsibility.

They will experience weekly physically and intellectually challenging activities in the Scout hall, outdoor activities such as bushwalking and water sports, and large-scale events such as Jamborees, where Scouts from around Australia and the World come together.

If you have been involved with Scouts in the past, you will find that some activities have changed and are more modern. However, the essence of Scouting remains on having fun, outdoor adventure and a strong sense of community.

For the whole family
Scouting is an ideal activity for the whole family. Sons and daughters can be involved and parents are encouraged to join in with activities and become helpers, supporters or Leaders.

Scouting can be an amazing experience for parents. Join your child’s Scout Group on outdoor activities, family camps and outings - and learn new skills like abseiling and canoeing.

Local community
Scouting can help you gain a strong sense of belonging to your local community, and through your active involvement, you make a direct and worthwhile contribution.

Also, you will enjoy a wider social life and an established peer network with other parents, carers and adults involved with Scouting in your area.  It creates an extended family.

Parent responsibilities
Being a Scout parent comes with important responsibilities too.

  • Show your interest and encourage your child’s Scouting participation.
  • Provide transport for meetings and outdoor activities.
  • Help to raise money for your child’s Scout Group.
  • Give your time to participate in Scouting activities and events.

Leadership training
Many parents participate in leadership training that widens their personal and professional opportunities.

More information
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